Dr James Harris demonstrating a case with his technique using the SAFE SCRIBE


Powered Safe Scribe is an innovative addition to Safe System developed by Dr. James Harris for application in FUE. Testing and various researches have given positive results that are very effective compared to the non-powered Safe Scribe method. By using FUE powered with Safe Scribe less follicle damage is ensured and this process also reduces the cost of surgery. Follicular Init extraction has led to introductions of many automated and motorised tools but Safe Scribe FUE machine is more advanced and has received several positive reviews from patients. It offers latest hair replacement technology and gives best possible results.


  2. Smart multisite handle titanium with protective plasma coating- 3 sizes – 0.7mm, 0.9mm & 1.2mm
  3. Persona Blades (USA) for smart multisite handle
  4. Blade cartridge for smart multisite handle
  6. Needles for Atlanta Implanter
  7. Jeweler’s forceps
  8. Optivisors (1.5- 2.5 x)
  9. Backlight viewing system
  10. Pron- pillows
  11. Graft dissection tables (unique design, non-fatigue)
  12. Plantation chairs (unique design, non-fatigue)
  13. A-Z Blade holder (for creating slits)
  14. Hair Transplant Chairs and OT tables
  15. OT lights- halogen, LED, etc. (Indian & imported)

Fue Training for Doctors

Meditech Inc. offers FUE training alongwith purchase of FUE equipment. This facility is being offered for the first time in the world by any firm.


This being a launch offer, it shall be valid only through 2011 and the offer will end on December 31, 2011

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