Dr James Harris demonstrating a case with his technique using the SAFE SCRIBE

With the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique of hair transplant, growing with leaps and bounds, in India, people are no more required to suffer from inferior complexity, arising out of baldness and hair loss. Similarly, doctors conducting FUE surgery in India do not have to import the hair transplant equipments. Meditech is now considered the market leader of such equipments, undertaking every marketing channel such as importing, distributing, supplying and retailing. Quality equipments are imported from the UK, the USA and Germany.
The CEO of Meditech; is Mr Rajiv Sharma, who has to his credit, 25 years of experience in marketing various surgical and pharmaceutical products, not only in India, but other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Bhutan etc. He is also at the helms of affairs of the renowned firms such as Excel healthcare and Excel Orthotech. He has his offices at New Delhi, Dubai and Chandigarh. He can be contacted at SCO 19, 1st Floor, at Sector 11 at Panchkula, Haryana, 134109, India. His contact numbers are +91-99883 58530 and landline number; +91 172 5066989. The e-mail address is indiameditech@gmail.com.

Doctors, conducting hair plant equipments can be assured of quality equipments at their door steps, because Mr Rajiv Sharma is also the sole distributor of surgical products of reputed foreign brands such as Devon Innovations, HSC Colorado, Norma, Rusch prime Medica and many others.

Meditech also provides short duration training for 2 to 3 days to doctors for fine tuning their FUE transplant skill and techniques at a premier hair transplant Center in India by a renowned doctor, specializing in FUE. There is also provision of a day’s training at Dr James Harris’ clinic at Denver, Colorado. He is an MD, FACS and a world renowned hair restoration surgeon. He is dedicated to patient advocacy.

Hair loss and baldness is caused due to genetic or biological disorders. The most common pattern of hair loss is called Alopecia Androgenetica, which affects the central and frontal area of your scalp. It is mostly faced by men and is considered a deficiency in one’s personality that may lead to inferior complexity. This can be remedied through hair transplant which is a surgical technique, known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in which individual hair follicle from one part of the body (the donor area) is removed and is grafted on the balding parts, known as the recipient site. Hair transplant is taken up only by specialized surgeons who use quality instruments for the operation.

Hair transplant is a very delicate surgery that calls for use of quality instruments such as FUE Forceps, Manual and contra angle Punch, Punch holder, punch safe box, Implanting and angle extraction forceps, Strait Extraction forceps, Curve extraction forceps, Digital derma scope, Prone and silicone Pillows FUE Extraction Micro motor, hand piece, magnification spect,, Chair, OT table, hair counting machine, hairline making graph, Halogen and LED lights.
These instruments are to be made from high quality Stainless Steel and Titanium. The quality of such instruments is judged by the ‘Transaction Rate’, that implies the minimum wastage of grafts. Other determining factors are it should be i) minimally invasive, ii) No visible scarring and iii) Quicker healing time. Suppliers of hair transplant instruments in India, procure the instruments, either indigenously manufactured or imported from the US or Germany.

While going in for hair transplant instruments, it is very essential to check the origin of manufacture. There are many distributors and suppliers in India, dealing with such instruments. You should select one that has cutting edge, both with regard to price and quality. Under no circumstances, you should compromise the quality, because it is the accuracy, precision, sharpness of the instruments that will make your hair transplant surgery most effective and satisfying to your clients.

Usually, males experience the problem of hair loss which is a result of genetic or biological factors or in some cases the known factors too. There are myriad of hair growth products which are available on the market, but it becomes difficult to choose the best one. It is advisable to consult a hair expert before selecting for a particular product in this regard. Here is the list of some of the products:-

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are used in the hair supplement formula which gives nutrition to your hair follicles and helps them to grow in abundance. It fulfills the nutritional requirements and with the intake of capsules one can make their hair growth two times high.

Intake of Green Tea

That is one of the simplest solutions to reduce the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme which is responsible for men baldness pattern. It helps in growth of hair by drinking it or taking a pill which has this herb as an ingredient.

Aloe Vera

This is one of the oldest herbs which help in removing the problem of hair fall since it works in an efficient manner on a scalp. It helps in stimulating the growth of hairs and protects your scalp.


This is a topical treatment with a supplement which helps in blocking the DHT, which is responsible for hair loss. Its essential ingredient is Minoxidil, which stimulates hair growth.

So, with the intake or usage of these hair products men can have abundant growth of hairs.

This question has become a topic for debate amongst many individuals who want to treat their baldness. It is often seen that they are messed up with many fears and questions which are stuck in their mind regarding the hair transplantation procedure. But the doctors have acknowledged it as a permanent solution for treating the baldness which will last forever in the treated areas.

How hair transplant is helping individuals?

Hair transplant procedure has done wonders in the life of individuals as it helps in restoring your modern looks and does not damage your scalp. People who are suffering from severe hair loss problems are benefitted through this permanent treatment. This treatment has the following procedures:-

  • The hairs are taken from the side or back of the scalp of an individual where the hair follicles are in abundance.
  • Two methods like FUT or FUE are mostly done on the patients according to their individual requirements.
  • It helps in the growth of new hairs in the bald area which can be cut, washed or dyes but nothing will happen to their growth.
  • Even some clinics across the globe are offering it at cost-effective rates which have broken the myth of it being a costly process.

So, this process has given hope to many individuals who help them in solving the problem of baldness.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the latest techniques in hair transplantation which the doctors are practicing nowadays. The specialist can perform it in lesser time as compared to another method. The training is taken by other doctors so that they can come to know deeply about graft extraction, preparation, and placement which they pursue under the supervision of the specialist. The company Meditech INC. is one of the pioneers in this field and provides tips from renowned doctors, advice on starting one’s practice in this field and latest FUE equipment.

Why are doctors getting training on FUE?

There are many reasons that doctors are getting training on this latest method. These are as under:

  • Patients like it because it does not involve stripping of a scalp and is less invasive.
  • Needs less number of assistants for this process.
  • They get training on graft extraction and the proper hairline design.
  • The investment in this process is very small with higher dividends.
  • Many companies also offer modern FUE equipment to the doctors at cost-effective prices which even increase the speed of the process.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the training on the latest procedures the doctors can give the best treatment to their patients.

James A. Harris, MD, FACS is a hair restoration surgeon of world renown with a great love for India. His key result areas and prime focus is on cutting edge medical and surgical techniques for hair restoration, training for doctors in hair transplantation and dedication to patient advocacy. Therefore, his name is iconic in the field of hair transplant training in India where all doctors hold him in high esteem.

PROVIDING COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSY HAIR TRANSPLANT PRACTICE UNDER ONE ROOFImporters, Distributors, Supplier and Retailer catering to the growing needs of the Indian hair transplant equipment market. Market of the Hair Transplant by FUE technique in India growing by leaps and bounds, Meditech became the first single source supplier with a range of products imported from the best manufacturers from USA, UK, Germany and Brazil.

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