Dr James Harris demonstrating a case with his technique using the SAFE SCRIBE

FUE Hair Transplant Training Honkong


Today, people of Hong Kong are much more beauty conscious than in olden days. They associate their beauty with their hair. Beautiful and stylish hair provides attractive look as well as high self esteem. Hence, hair loss and baldness worry them a lot. In this scenario, Meditech Inc. invites you to participate in FUE training at the end of which you will be able to conduct hair transplant using latest hair transplanting techniques. The duration of the training program is two to three days and during the training, you will be attended by an experienced doctor. The training enables you to be independent in starting your own clinic of hair transplantation.


The following is offered for all doctors in Hongkong

  1. Training for 2-3 days in the technique of FUE at a premier India Hair Transplant center by a renowned doctor
  2. Training for a day at Dr James Harris’ Clinic at Denver, Colorado (USA)
  3. An advisory panel of doctors shall help you in designing your clinic and give you tips to start a formidable practice in your area

Please note– Cost of training does not include cost of travel and hotel stay.