Dr James Harris demonstrating a case with his technique using the SAFE SCRIBE

FUE Hair Transplant Training Nigeria


Hair loss is a problem that affects men of all ages starting from teens to older age. Thousands of Nigerians knock at the doors of doctors to get an effective treatment for their hair loss. Hence, Meditech Inc. invites doctors of Nigeria to receive FUE training. It is an opportunity for you to be trained by a firm which has clients all over the world who are highly successful. The training lasts for a few days, but its effects stays for a life time and take you to an advanced level of your medical career. We also provide latest technologies for you to set up your own clinic in your locality.


The following is offered for all doctors in Nigeria

  1. Training for 2-3 days in the technique of FUE at a premier India Hair Transplant center by a renowned doctor
  2. Training for a day at Dr James Harris’ Clinic at Denver, Colorado (USA)
  3. An advisory panel of doctors shall help you in designing your clinic and give you tips to start a formidable practice in your area

Please note– Cost of training does not include cost of travel and hotel stay.