Dr James Harris demonstrating a case with his technique using the SAFE SCRIBE

FUE Hair Transplant Training Singapore


There is an awesome opportunity for the doctors in Singapore to get trained in FUE by a well reputed firm under a well experienced doctor. Hair transplant and hair transplant techniques have evolved over time and only an experienced hand can mould the aspiring surgeon in it. Meditech Inc. is an experienced firm that runs a FUE training program. Enroll you name for the training and you will be the owner of your own hair restoration clinic in a few days. Along with the training, we also provide equipments and help and guidance to start your own firm in your area.


The following is offered for all doctors in Singapore

  1. Training for 2-3 days in the technique of FUE at a premier India Hair Transplant center by a renowned doctor
  2. Training for a day at Dr James Harris’ Clinic at Denver, Colorado (USA)
  3. An advisory panel of doctors shall help you in designing your clinic and give you tips to start a formidable practice in your area

Please note– Cost of training does not include cost of travel and hotel stay.